Thursday, 19 November 2015

First manga drawing on my Huion tablet.

One of the main things I hoped having a tablet would do for me is encourage me to re engage in regular habits of drawing manga especially as a childhood dream of mine was to write and draw my own manga series.

Recently a friend recommended I start reading the manga Oyasumi Punpun. The art style is beautiful but what struck me more was the way in which I felt the narrative was freakishly relevant to recent events I've been struggling to deal with and in some senses it has been really comforting even if it is a very dark manga. It inspired me to want to start working on my own based on my current emotions, maybe channel my pain through writing and drawing, perhaps create a piece that teaches you to learn to at least like yourself again when you've grown so insecure and unhappy with the person you are.

This was my first attempt at drawing manga on my Huion tablet, I need to work on my style still, I really like gritty, dark, emotional mangas so I feel I need to do more research on other artists such as Francis Bacon who create dark artwork and see if I can incorporate other styles into my existing one.

I was listening to Hammock whilst drawing this, alongside a track I only discovered last night: Fortune's Fool by Hiatus. Again the lyrics and mood created by this song capture how I've been feeling the past month, it really helped me to get lost in my drawing in the early hours.

Sad Manga Girl

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