Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Playing with my Huion tablet.


I purchased a drawing tablet this week in the hope it would re engage me with my lost passion for art. I wanted to make a blog to show my progress and work. These were the first three silly doodles I made just trying to figure out how my tablet worked with Adobe Photoshop. I don't think any of these are good, I was feeling a bit strange at the time and listening to Foals' new album ' What Went Down' and trying to just draw the colours and feelings I saw in my head from particular tracks. Maybe these could make interesting concepts for me to work with later on?

This one reminded me slightly of Princess Mononoke, I also feel it looks somewhat Scandinavian.

This picture above is just a mess haha ^_^

This one feels sweet to look at, It includes a fox, a cat in an old fashioned dress and hat, a little forest creature and bright colours, it felt like the inner child and my desire for being in nature and having fun escaped into this drawing.

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